Beyond Networking makes 4 Golden Promises:

  • To deliver on promises
  • To provide endless opportunities for its clients
  • To build mutually beneficial relationships
  • To make networking effective and measurable

Beyond Networking’s seminars and workshops are designed to lead and assist clients in utilising their communication skills in order to capitalise on the opportunities that the modern economy offers. By fostering an understanding, nurturing, and open environment in the workshops, clients will experience a “light-bulb” moment, motivating them to develop their personal marketing plan.

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Beyond Networking is dedicated to developing a relationship of trust for their clients, while enabling them to seek out opportunities that benefit their businesses. Through mutual respect, honesty, and a little faith, Beyond Networking will help each of its clients develop at least 20% more introductions in 10 weeks.

We’re confident that what we do will deliver and that it will be of huge benefit to you and your business.

Click here to register for our Director’s or Partner’s Briefings, which reveal why networking may not be working.

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When you meet someone who has intelligence, drive, ambition, skill and is a nice guy you are always delighted. When that person has brilliant ideas and concepts, which can be harnessed to make your life easier and profitable – then it is even more delightful. I knew when I met Jason Cobine that I had the first statement and then last week I realised that the second statement was also true.

Jason is a very well connected businessman who has developed a system around networking.  He calls it beyond networking, and I call it the missing link. He has a delivery style, which is exciting, entertaining and informative. Jason interacts with an audience to explain and explore the materials and then the techniques are practised.

Jason and his affiliates are running taster sessions on the Three Keys of Networking, which act as a precursor or scene setting.  I highly recommend him, his system and the fact that it works!

When I met him earlier in the year he put me through his own tried and tested format, which he shares with you.

Beyond Networking, the Missing Link or the Jewel of Networking?”

Valerie Merrill, Merrill Consulting (Training Company)

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