Secrets of Effective Networking

Hello, I’m Jason Cobine

Over the years, I have built a tried and tested model for networking,  generating profit through “word of mouth”. Typically, people I helped had already invested time “networking” and didn’t want to waste another minute or they get annoyed when networking, because people they met didn’t know what they could do for them.

If you’re looking to raise your networking game, hone your networking strategy and work on your networking skills, drop a message to me via LinkedIn or follow me @jasoncobine. Sign up for one of Beyond Networking briefings to find out

  • Why networking is a great way to generate business opportunities.
  • Why business networking skills are perfect for building trust-based services.
  • The mistakes people make when business networking.
  • Networking secrets that can even make everything you talk sound interesting.
  • What you should and shouldn’t talk about at networking events.
  • Why you need more than one of every role in your business network.
  • How good networkers can generate immediate interest
  • The difference between interesting and wacky in your networking conversations.
  • That good business networking is simply word of mouth marketing.
  • What it takes to become the ‘go to’ person for the specialism you have.
  • How business networking has changed over the years, especially with technology.
  • Why online networking will never replace face to face networking.
  • That high ticket services (like banking, accounting and law) need a F2F interaction.
  • How the recession has increased the number of business networkers.
  • The personal marketing aspect of business networking.
  • When the online networking platforms become vital for business people.
  • That most networking groups are the same and deliver the same results.
  • The role consistency plays in successful business networking.
  • The importance the networking follow up in business relationships.
  • Why you must build your personal brand for productive networking.
  • The Importance of concentrating on other people to be a networking success.
  • The three keys to successful networking: help others, help yourself and follow up.