Business Networking Strategy for receiving introductions

This article is about perfect synergy, connecting the two ends and making it easy. Recently I wanted to connect two people who would work really well together. It took me time and effort, far more than it should have, I almost gave up. This article is about having a strategy to receive introductions and 3 things you can do today that will ensure you get what you deserve.

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Perfect synergy, or is there?

I was recently invited to a bowling evening which was brilliant, except I couldn’t bowl because I have a herniated disc (ouch!). Nevertheless, it was a really kind and generous invitation, and I knew that this business/social segway is a great way to build relationships. After all, the company that had invested in this must be generating a return on this investment, especially as it is after hours and they will need to compensate their team for this somehow.

During the event I spoke to many people including a fantastic numbers man, who was helping a international company set up a gymnasium business in the UK. We got on well, and it seemed to make sense to have a further conversation, so before I left, we agreed to do that.

The conversation happened a few days later and it became quite clear that whilst we may be able to work with each other for a client in the future, the immediate synergy was not between us. However, one of my clients would be absolutely brilliant in helping him make his client’s entrance in the UK much more comfortable. It was so obvious, all I had to do was listen and the synergy bounced up and down in front of my face. I always get a little bit excited when this happens, because, apart from helping a few people in one go which just makes me happy, I know from experience that helping someone motivates others to help me.

I’ll connect you – no I can’t!

I told my new contact that I would connect him. Little did I realise how difficult this would become. I visited LinkedIn and found no profile for my exceedingly useful client. I phoned his 0800 number and a message was taken, but not returned. I sent an email and this must have gone into the ether. I then contacted my numbers man and explained that it was proving more difficult than I expected, and it would happen… eventually. I put a note in the diary for reminding my contact that he had someone who would really love to meet him. I managed to reach him the very day the entry popped up in my diary. It was luck, definitely not judgement.

Making it easy

Taking it easy is something we should all do from time to time. Making it easy is something we should all do all of the time. If there are people out there who want to utilise your expertise, you should be available. I’m not talking 24/7 – I’m talking generally. I prefer LinkedIn because it makes it easy to share the profile of someone who I think might be useful, before I make a connection. I’m not sure any other medium allows me to do this so easily. I’m not saying everyone should have a LinkedIn profile, I’m just saying it proves really useful.

The challenge is I am quite busy. It’s my own fault, I planned to be busy and it worked. I persevered with this introduction because it made so much sense to both parties.

You might think I’m stating the obvious, and I probably am, but when was the last time you checked your own contact details? Never mind googling yourself, try listening to your own voicemail or checking your own email signature (or out of office message) and typing your name into LinkedIn to see how many other people share the same moniker. If you do use an outsourced telephone answering service give them a call from time to time. If the team answering your phone is under pressure, perhaps they’re not representing your brand as well as they used to.

Wrap Up: People can find you easily these days. But only if you want them to! If you have had conversations with people who may remember your name, but not much else, it’s best to make sure you can be found. If you have a common name there are ways around this, yet it’s not immediately obvious how this can be achieved.

Top Tip: If you do have an online profile keep it up to date. Phone numbers and email addresses are great… when they lead to the right person.

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