Getting Ahead of the Networking Curve

This article is about why is important to be ahead of the curve, an example of someone who is and what you can do to get there.

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How you met?

I recently met a gentleman called David who happened to be a solicitor. We met at the best networking in London, I’m not going to reveal where it is – you can contact me or attend our briefing to find out.

We found we were both interested in growing our business exponentially, building a team that would be engaged and dedicated and also structure the business in a way that protected our intellectual property yet allowed us to sell for the highest price when we wanted to.

What happened next?

David and I agreed to discuss how we could help each other at another time because the event was full of other business people and we wanted to make sure we connected with as many of them as possible. We all seemed to have the same things in common.

We both want to be a head of the curve and almost raced to contact each other. However he had a PA to contact me and coincidentally, Sandy was a lady I had met at a networking event previously. So it was easy for us to converse and she understood why we were putting time in our respective diaries. One could argue that Sandy vouched for me when David wondered who he should follow up with?

Who is ahead of the curve?

David is definitely ahead of the curve in his sector. I know this because he explained he was always looking for new ideas and found that all of the areas we discussed were true were real in his business as well as other peoples. This is unusual because most professional I have met seem to think that only those experienced in their sector could ever understand exactly what they are going through. Yet business is business, with few exceptions.

Actually, once I do get into a conversation with a professional they see that we do understand that their practice is not the same as the traditional business and the conversation tends to flow. Interestingly, David had not made a mistake that the vast majority of firms do. He hadn’t put all his staff’s details and experience on their website. He had provided case studies of where they had provided excellent service. This showed that he valued his team highly enough to make sure that they weren’t going to be easily headhunted by competitors looking to add high value people to their firm.

Wrap up: Staying ahead of the curve means he will be increasingly profitable. Doing the same as your competition or repeating the same process, even listening to the same advisors is akin to madness.

Top tip: If you are a solicitor, involved in a law firm or related to someone that is let them know that headhunters recruiters and other firms are delighted to find full details of their next commission proudly displayed on someone else’s website. Alongside the e-mail address and phone number of the talent that has been invested in and developed. One major law firm is no longer adding staff details to their website and has even stopped using recruitment companies because their brand is so attractive they receive enough CV’s to keep them in talent heaven for years.

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