Gurus are not supposed to upset followers

This article is about unwanted information. It happens rarely yet is always annoying. I attended an event because of the speakers and networking opportunities. It was when an unannounced speaker took the floor that the “BS” meter went into overdrive, and I started to think I wanted to be somewhere else.

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Networking events… they often start so well

Invites to networking events are always welcome, and this invitation described the attendees as being people who already worked with my clientele. There were bound to be opportunities to establish interest in what we do because our results are unique. Everyone likes telling their friends about the new thing they found and we love telling ours that we know who can solve their latest, greatest concerns.

It was quite plush and the auditorium was swamped with staff. Not just the networking event’s staff, the venue was making a huge effort too. The speakers knew their stuff, they weren’t sycophantic, they spoke honestly about their experience. They didn’t alienate anyone, drew interest and made it clear how we could benefit for their experience.

Break for the hills…. Or rather the door

All good things come to an end and we retired to a refreshment centre. We now “had” to communicate with each other and no-one was left in a corner by themselves. The quality of the speakers was top of mind….one stole the show……they had definitely done this before. We chatted amiably because we had been given something to talk about.

The speakers knew their onions and we were now exchanging ideas on what we thought about their opinions and recommendations. Standard fare at a conference. We were all getting along. Their brand was being developed in front of my eyes.

The Guru

Then a “stop talking” announcement is made and our vision is directed to a man standing on a box in the middle of the floor. He then told us his point of view, which is fine because everyone is entitled to their own. What I didn’t like is he then picked a “victim” to illustrate his point. I don’t really care what his point was, I just don’t agree with picking a victim “she knows who she is” he announced.

After describing how a lady was desperate to speak to him and how he had “rescued” her. He may have made her feel less uncomfortable at the time of the rescue yet he then made her feel entirely uncomfortable again. Of all the good things that happened that day, I also remember this in tandem. And the brand are associated with that too.

Wrap Up: If that were my wife, niece or daughter I would not have been happy. I was miffed anyway.

Top Tip: Beware of gurus saying “there are only two types of networker” or anyone that thinks that “men hunt and women talk”. More on an example of the latter next time.

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