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I often introduce people yet some only get connected once. This article highlights an excellent way to stop yourself from getting a flood of introductions, why it happens and how you can wedge the floodgates open.

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A client asked me about a very particular query, yet I didn’t have enough experience on the subject to help them with it. I had to introduce them to someone in my network that could advise them correctly. After tying up the two ends of the equation I left them in peace to resolve it.

My client told me they were very happy with the service they received and they had appointed the individual because of their independence. I left a message for the service provider because I wanted to thank them for looking after someone I have a lot of respect for. They didn’t respond.

Piggy in the middle?

I often deliver workshops titled Man in The Mirror, which helps people understand what motivates others to make connections. These are very popular with people who have met people for coffee to discuss mutual benefits, had a nice (debatable) cup of coffee, but nowt else. There are so many people are fed up of meetings without a mutually beneficial ending. They hate being treated like a “stepping stone” to their connections.

I don’t think it’s fair but we often forget to think about how to really help the other people we meet. It is not surprising because we are all working so hard. It’s so easy to assume that the thing that we do well is perfect for so many. Yet we shouldn’t be setting up meetings hoping that this is the case. Meetings that are not mutually beneficial are THE biggest waste of time. People that harp on about Social Media being a waste of time should think about how many meetings end without a meaningful result for either party.

Tiny wedges are well placed

Even though a company had benefited from the new client and income that it had derived, I still haven’t heard a peep from them. It’s not as if I’m after a fee, just courtesy. Perhaps the entire organisation thinks this way? If so, my word, they are missing opportunities that are hidden in the contacts they currently have. Being unresponsive is a wedge preventing their contacts from continually moving forward with them.

When they are in the right place, wedges can prevent a 20 tonne train from starting a journey. If you remove the wedges, give it some juice, the locomotive starts rolling and becomes an unstoppable force, smashing through barriers in it’s way. I bet this company is still trying to “meet new people” and finding it takes  them a lot of time. It’s far more productive to remove any wedges in the network that is already inclined to connect them to profitable clientele.

Wrap up: People often ask me where the best networking group is. I think they mean the most profitable? It is open to all who do good “work”, rather than just “doing good”, and follow up effectively. Research indicates that only 2% are actually doing that.

Top tip: Don’t make promises you cannot keep. Don’t tell people you will let them know when you’ve reached someone they connected you to……unless they have requested that you do. Tell them that you will update them when you make progress. Otherwise, you will be making a lot of extra work for yourself and bothering busy people with minutiae.

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