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Being nice when networking is not enough. However, being engaging often is. I recently read this article in the Huffington Post and it reminded me about the invitations I receive to “connect” on LinkedIn. When do you say “No Thanks.”

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Meaningful Connections

It makes sense to connect with the right people. And it makes even more sense now that LinkedIn are changing the way “recommendations” are viewed. Perhaps they found the facility was been abused. I’m not saying I saw it coming, but I did blog about the dangers of “trading” recommendations some time ago. Click here for blog on LI recommendations.

Will LinkedIn adverts lead to new trends?

Love HeartSo I receive a message out of the blue, inviting me to connect. I enquire why this LinkedIn user wants to connect with me, and the reply I get is, to say the least, unusual. I am greeted with the reply “you look nice”. So this person only bothered looking at my photo. Which, really, is a compliment to my parents, rather than myself. Needless to say, I’m flattered yet I haven’t connected with them. Perhaps this personal trend has emerged because of the advertisements that now appear on LinkedIn? I’ll keep you updated.

Nice guys finish first

It is always nice to be nice – as my old Mum says. It’s compelling to start an engagement with something of substance and continue to engage. Do I want to be known as nice or something with more punch? My favourite similar comment came from someone I’ve known for the 25 years I’ve been in business. It was about being a gentleman, which is more about individual conduct and means a lot more than being just nice.

Wrap up: It’s great to receive recommendations and compliments but if they are your windows to the wider world you want them to have some context in order to a compelling.

Top tip: If you’re worried about where you should store your favourite recommendations take a look at our alternatives.

Who to share this with: Online Groups where people are expressing concern at the personalised ads appearing on profiles. Just say No Thanks!

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