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You don’t have to network like crazy to get results. Some people don’t network because they don’t understand it, others are busy doing other things. Either way, you will get better results if you passionately believe in any networking you undertake, be it online or offline. Here are three reasons to get involved in opportunities that your competition may be missing.

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Can you develop passion if it’s not “doing it” for you?

I get bored of things that don’t work yet networking is actually fun so you can fall into the trap of enjoying it whilst not getting results. I recommend you do a monthly check to see where your network is leading you. Is it towards or away from profitable introductions? When you see profitable patterns emerge you should become more involved in things that are working. Passion can be developed that way.

It’s counter intuitive to develop the passion before the results. Yet, if other people are not doing it, you might just steal an advantage. And if your competition are not tracking their results and networking randomly, you can obtain a distinct advantage by being more strategic. Pointing your passion in the right direction will bring results. Approaching the wrong people repeatedly is a passion killer. Not just yours, theirs too.

Should I fake being passionate about what I do?

Networking is a learned skill and faking it won’t do. There are said to be born networkers and born sales people. Yet each skill can be learned. In online forums, stories are rife about “over passionate” networkers. Interrupting conversations seems to be the biggest bugbear. They are seen as sales people, which they probably are. I think we all want more profit if the truth be told.

Networking has developed an etiquette. If you’re passionate about what you do you can wait your turn and then let rip, albeit gently. But still observe the etiquette, it’s networking not sales. Be yourself, let people know what you do and follow up with those you have synergy with. Then you can be passionate as they will understand. If you faked it the synergy is lost.

Does passion clash with etiquette?

Not all networks are the same and it isn’t easy to be subtle. You have to observe the etiquette of each network to avoid putting people off before you have a chance to engage. You’ve probably heard a hundred times that people buy people. Introductions will find you once the right people know exactly what you can do. Networking is profitable and results can be measured.

Time spent being passionate with the wrong people could be used finding out about them. Connecting them with like minded individuals will help them. They will help you in return. Ask them about the etiquette and they will help you with that too. When you have connected with the right people let them know why you are passionate about what you do.

Wrap up: Are you networking with a passion – yet with the wrong people? Don’t fake it, be yourself and observe the etiquette. Find out what makes others tick and get passionate about introductions with the people that like you and what you do.

Top Tip: Online sites like LinkedIn, twitter, et al give you the opportunity to observe before you participate. Profiles, discussions and recommendations help you take “the temperature” of a group, or individuals within it, before dipping your toe in to their network.

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One Response to Networkers get passionate

  1. Jason says:

    Thanks Wayne. I sense you’ve thought about this. Passionate networking is about really believing that you will be introduced to the right people because you know networking will help you find them. I think that’s worth being passionate about and you can share your passion with the right people.

    It’s not about getting excited at events or online. It’s about turning the corner from not working to networking, trying to help everybody you meet and letting them know why you are networking too (that’s your bit to be passionate about). You are getting leads so you must be listening and saying the right things to the right people. Networking is not the only form of marketing yet it is one of the most profitable and available to all.

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