Living Proof

“Great informative seminar which really helped uncover some ways to improve my networking skills – business development. ”
Cara Edney

“Best part, lots and lots of great tips and information. Leaving today with a much clearer idea of networking better and getting more out of networking as a whole.”  Zenon Zacharkiw

“Jason helped me to make my networking time more productive. He allowed me to understand the hard and soft benefits that my clients achieve when working with me. Following my training session, I was able to implement a workable follow-up system to separate contacts from exhibitions and networking meetings into different groups. This advice has been invaluable. ” Ruth Pearson

“Very impressive presentation, I got very useful information and would definitely recommend to others. Thank you.” Sajid Syed 

“Good structure and consolidated how to get most out of networking.  Useful overview and review.  Some useful questions to ask.”  Mike Kemball 

“Your workshop worked well in that we tested our (newfound) networking skills in the ‘safe’ environment of the workshop and then, more or less straight away, had an opportunity to apply them” Anjani Purohit, Solicitor, Dewar Hogan

“Brilliant – I was even brave enough to try my new found networking skills with Tony Radevsky and David Ramsell (Barristers) over a glass of wine afterwards” Belinda Walkinshaw, Owner, Pickworths Solicitors

“I was impressed by Jason’s expert and broad industry knowledge. This tighter with his incredible networking skills, make him a very impressive operator indeed.” Piers Strickland, Founder and Lead Partner Strickland LLP

“Thanks Jason for an excellent event, I came away thinking that I would like to have had more time (wich is a good thing!).”Adam Finch, Senior Associate Bevan Brittan LLP

“I am comfortable with networking, but I was able to learn how to be more focused and achieve results fast, which is essential in the current economic climate. I have recommended yours course to my colleagues.” Sarah Liddiard, Solicitor, Machins Solicitors LLP

“Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Always good to really think about how to get the most out of networking opportunities. I actually met an accountant who owns a care home at the IOD, which is about as perfect a contact as I am likely to find.” Jeremy Cuff, Partner, Cuff and Gough LLP

“What a great approach and helpful team! Jason is not just a master networker and risk reducer. He has incredible skill to transfer his vast experience to you. He made 2 small recommendations to me about my business that I’ve already taken on-board and it’s helped already. Any time you can get with Jason will be well worth it – regardless of your industry and role. Thank you Jason and Beyond Networking.” Kevin Quincey, Strategy Director, InfoPlanIT, Founder, City Beach London

“I attended some of the sessions Jason devised to help people improve their networking results, and found them very beneficial. It was an open forum, with a high level of attendee participation, which we all enjoyed taking part in, even to the point of follow-on discussions after each session. Since these workshops my business has improved, and enabled me to develop relationships with high flying networkers and businesses.” Stephen Horrey, Partner, Mercia Products

“As someone who has run her own new business team in the past, I found the workshops with Jason still added some value. Jason facilitated me to think differently to the question ‘What do I do?’ which not only helps in social situations but in how I market myself online. What do my clients actually ‘take away’ from their counselling sessions with me are clearly set out on my website, my linked in profile and how I speak to new contacts. I also found the ‘day in a life’ exercises useful to think more clearly as to how I might connect with clients in my marketing plan. To be honest with new business – not too much of this is ‘new’ information – what you’re buying into with Beyond Networking is a redelivery in a way your team can understand, from a reliable  honest guy, that maximises your chances of a team doing things differently. He’ll hook you up with a few connections along the way too.” Clare Staunton, Counsellor, Psychosexual and Relationship (COSRT Accredited)

“A genuine eye-opener.  Simple yet effective, it helped identify common areas of weakness that are otherwise taken for granted, such as the economic loss to a business of poor time management.  In turn, ideas for improvement were provided which when applied would promote real and sustainable growth for any firm”. Niten Chauhan, Partner, JPC Law

“Simply a must. As more and more professionals are accepting that clients don’t knock on doors, Jason’s insight makes networking not only more effective, but easy and enjoyable. Invaluable content and streets ahead of the normal stuffy and pretentious seminars.” James Earl, Strategic Partnership Executive, International Foreign Exchange (IFX)

“Jason’s event was certainly worth attending. Tips on how to escape the needy networker who pins you in the corner were worth turning up for on their own. Knowing that my own frustrations and methods of self-sabotage were common to others was both a comfort and a catalyst to rethink how I approach formal networking events. I’ll be doing more work with Jason in the near future. Gavin Morton-Holmes, New Business Associate, Sandler Training

“The plan will work, I like to have structure and I want to hear more about LinkedIn. It was more than 10 out of 10 and I’ll refer you to my contacts.” Stuart Hinds, Partner, Baker Tilly

“Jason’s workshop is completely different. I like the way it has a built in mechanism to improve the efficiency of networking. I also had a great idea during the session that looks set to double my income. It relates to the application of the ‘Beyond Networking’ approach to my current best source of new business. There’s an opportunity just waiting to be taken, but that I was blissfully ignorant of.” Wayne Davies, Owner – ASureImage

“I most liked the opportunity for the class to participate, which meant it was animated. Leaving with a networking plan and meeting other people were real benefits. I’d like you to tell me more about the different types of networking online and offline.” Ash Patel, MD and Owner, Eva Technology Solutions

“My concerns were addressed, you instilled confidence, the structure and timing were excellent. Meeting new people was an added benefit.” Nicole Manier, Nicole Manier Couture

“I got everything I expected and enjoyed it when we practiced the training. 10 out of 10. When are the next sessions?” Richard Smith, Client Services Director, Brooklands Recruitment

“I now know how important it is to follow up and I will be using what you showed me. The biggest benefit for me was how important it is to present yourself. I can follow this method. Nine plus for giving me everything I expected.”  Nathalie Beurg, Owner,

Is abundance when networking a miracle or can results be guaranteed?

“What you showed me, when applied, will be more effective when networking to grow a business. It was most useful and I have a better structure to ensure I get the most out of follow up. I also benefited from the opportunity to develop and test some of the points we discussed.” Mike Lennard, Associate, Expense Reduction Analysts 

“I’m now rethinking who I need to meet in order to get the best referrals. The size of the group was good and there is a networking group that will benefit if you speak at their meeting. Are there any other training workshops?’ Frances Long, Owner, Quick Buy Homes

“I enjoyed looking at networking in a different way and meeting more people. Biggest benefit was how to turn business cards into cash.” Maria Griffiths, Director of Sales, De Vere Venues Plc.

Hurry, those that want to use your services may not know you exist

“I’m confident now and know myself and others will benefit from what you showed us. I was introduced to potential clients, we found great synergy and I liked the networking business plan. Full marks!” Valerie Merrill, Director, Merrill Training Consulting

“Jason Cobine is remarkable, not just for his command of the value of networking but also for the genuine interest he takes in wanting to get to win/win in his client negotiations.” Peter Thomas, Independent Property Consultant

“Jason helped me re-consider my effectiveness as a business networker. He had some great and some fundamental recommendations as to how I could become much more effective. Helpful and now I need to follow his recommendations.” Peter Lewis Jones, Manor Resources

“I attended one of Jason’s Beyond Networking workshops last month and found it informative and well structured. I liked his “5 questions to ask when you are networking” and will adopt this in my future practice.” Letitia Stenning Workplace Mediator, Stenning Consultancy Ltd

“Jason’s session gave me more confidence to ask the right questions when networking to allow me to benefit further from any contacts I make. It also helped me in targeting the individuals who could add value to my business therefore managing my networking time more effectively. A great session that I have already begun to implement. Thanks Jason” Neil Shirley Recruitment Manager at Lighthouse Financial Advice

“I recently attended one of Jason’s seminars on networking, and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to understand how to be successful in the art of networking. Jason is clearly expert in his field and I enjoyed every minute! Thanks.” Ross Trigwell Management Development Trainer

“We worked for an hour on an “elevator pitch” something that takes only 40 seconds!!! He explained to me the reasons for highlighting certain parts and the importance of voice inflection. I used the new elevator pitch the very next day and noticed a massive difference. Now I use it almost daily. I will be using Jason again very soon and I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you want to get value for money from your networking use a professional like Jason.” John Sweeney MD at Streetsight – Street Cabinet Advertising

“Jason is an excellent leader. He treats his clients and his workers with the utmost respect and is very grateful for all outcomes. Jason is very goal-oriented, charismatic individual who wants nothing more than to help someone in need. Jason is a guru in both the insurance and business networking training fields. It was a pleasure for me to work for Jason during my time in London.” Alejandro C. Arroyo Marketing Assistant at Key Market

“In a networking conversation with Jason, he was direct, to the point and explained complex concepts in an easy to understand manner. He was able to ask questions and translate my experiences and value into a concise “elevator” pitch format within a short period of time. Jason is passionate about helping others with his expert knowledge. He took his time and explained the rationale behind his insights and tips. I was able to take the knowledge gained during our conversation and apply it to my networking immediately. I highly recommend networking with Jason. We were able to bridge the international gap quickly and easily. I plan on keeping in touch.” Joanne Cullen Senior Project Manager at Sagitec Solutions LLC

“Jason has run several sessions on networking for me, as part of a business skills course that I run for local residents who are thinking about setting up their own business. For the majority of the participants, networking is something that they do not understand, and is something that they lack the confidence to do. Jason (apparently effortlessly) engages with the group and provides clear and useful information on turning networking into an enjoyable and rewarding experience with lots of hints and tips around the issues that raise most concern. Without exception the feedback on Jason’s input has been superb, with comments such as: “Excellent presentation delivered by Jason. Engaging, clear, informative. Best part of the day by far”; “No idea what networking meant before today – now realize how important it is” and “Networking: I’m now using this tool and really getting a lot of response, thank you.” I am delighted to recommend Jason to you.” Pauline Seston Entrepreneurship & Employability Consultant at Brunel University

“Before I went on Jason’s Beyond Networking course, I was doing a lot of networking for my business with little results. I was meeting lots of people, having lots of 1-2-1s, giving referrals but seem to get little businesses in the process. I was meeting the wrong type of people – hunters or frogs some may call them, spending ineffective time with the wrong people, and taking precious time away from actually doing my business. After meeting and going to Jason’s workshop, I learned what I was doing wrong and learned a system on how to network effectively! And like Jason said, it’s not what happens during the networking event – the magic actually starts after – that almost everyone you meet could be a great source of referral if you train them well enough. I learned how to speak to at least fifteen people in a hour, making an impression and getting possible referrals just from a ten minute chat! I love the way Jason explained it so simply on how you can create a regular stream of referrals from the existing people you know and how to weed out the princess from the sea of frogs out there. So thank you Jason for making networking fun and profitable!” Dr Terry Loong Doctor. Speaker. Educator.

“Jason gave a talk on the principles of effective business networking. It was clear that Jason has the system and knowledge to enable any business to improve their results from networking.” Parag Prasad Action COACH London Business Coach

“I first met Jason at a networking event and was surprised by how interested he was in finding out more about me, my business and even asked how he could help. Having met Jason on other occasions – including a highly interactive talk to an audience of 70+ people on effective networking – I now realise that Jason was using his own distinctive `3 Step’ approach to networking. Jason is very open to sharing his networking approach and always keen to understand and use an individual’s own challenges to explore/suggest different actions that will lead to more productive business relationships. Jason actually does `practice what he preaches!” Cornelius McGrath Interim Business Transformation Director

“Anyone who is a serious networker I believe would benefit from a meeting with Jason. He very quickly helped me identify how to communicate what we do in a way which someone else can understand and pointed out the things I do well in communication and identified ways to make me improve the speed and clarity of my message.” Richard Compton Sales Manager at Centre Point Software Ltd.

“OK at my age I have been to many seminars and courses over the years. I also run the most successful construction and property network in London with 700 members so I have to network and well. So what could I learn on Jason’s courses? Well you are never too old or experienced to learn and I attended two courses where I improved my skills and learnt at least 6 genuinely new networking techniques. An excellent result in my opinion. So were Jason’s courses useful? – absolutely. And it’s fun.” Brad Bamfield, CEO at Joint Equity Ltd

“One of the things that Jason has done for me has been to show me the value of what I do for others. If you are doing something professionally that comes easily to you, and if, as in my case, you have been doing it for 25 years or more, then it is easy to underestimate the value of what you do. Jason is very persistent. If you haven’t got his messasge the first time he will go on until you have. He is also a thoroughly nice person.” Cornelius Cavendish, Book Writer, e-Book Writer, Ghostwriter, Coach at BOOK WRITING MADE EASY

“Jason has an excellent grasp of networking techniques, and has devised a novel approach to help business people improve their networking results. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, there was a high level of attendee participation, and have since started to implement the results to positive effect.” Stephen Horrey, Director at EcoService (UK) Limited

“I attended one of Jasons beyond networking events in late 2011. I thoroughly recommend going to one as Jason gives you some good and interesting pointers you may not have thought of when it comes to networking. I’m certainly putting into practice some of these techniques. A worthwhile event to go to!” Robert McDougall, Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney at Beck Greener

“A very useful and practical session, even for experienced networkers. Jason builds up the art of effective networking from the basics to more advanced hints and tips. I found the advice on structuring a conversation to get a real feel for what the other person has to offer their clients the most useful. Well done and thank you again Jason!” Peter Fairchild, Private Client Tax Partner at Smith & Williamson LLP (formerly BTG Tax LLP)

“Whether you are new to the art of networking or have been doing it for longer than you can remember (that’s me!), Beyond Networking will give you the knowledge and skills to make it effective and rewarding (in all senses). Jason goes beyond the obvious and gives real insights that will make you think about what you do and how to do it better. Thanks Jason as always!” Stanley Beckett, Partner at Serenity Law LLP

“Jason Cobine gave me two hours of his time a couple of weeks ago, looking at “Networking” and getting the best out of it. I’ve met Jason before and he is an excellent networker, and the presentation he gave was practical, useful and very informative. Mail me if you would like to know more. Space is limited here!”Richard Schmidt, Partner at SGH|Martineau

“I was recently invited to attend one of Jason’s events designed especially in mind for Solicitors. I have to say that the event was very thought provoking and made me think about my networking skills in general and how I can get the most out of networking events and make it work for me. I learnt some valuable tips on how to deal with other networkers and how to dodge the timewasters. If you have some spare time then get yourself booked onto one of Jason’s events! Highly recommended!!!” Steven Eckett, Senior Employment Lawyer at Bishop & Sewell LLP  

“It is only when I met Jason Cobine that I improve from my networking which was not working really to a large extent. His coaching got me to take a step back and shared valuable knowledge which helped to achieve more by being a strategic and focus networker than just a hard worker. Jason shares absolute gems in his presentation which I believe will be of value to anyone looking to grow his key contacts for more lucrative business. He is really good at what he does.” Amal Simothy BA MA FCCA, Senior Partner at Accountingpreneur Limited

“I’ve been to a Beyond Networking session in recently. Jason and his team have a really fresh way to look at networking and I’ll be applying the skills and tips I’ve picked up in my networking engagements in the future.” DipakPankhania, Director at Plug and Play

I really enjoyed the Beyond Networking breakfast and I would recommend it to those who are new to networking as well as “seasoned” networkers. It is well worth investing a few hours out of your day to learn some skills that could fundamentally change the way you network in the future.” Nicholas Ayre, Managing Director at Home Fusion Property Search

“Jason’s approach is very open and engaging and produces obvious results. His seminars are useful for networkers of all levels of experience and I came away with some very clear ideas and practices of how to make my networking more effective and valuable.”  ChristopherLambert-Gorwyn, Member at BNI

“The briefing is a good refresher (or introduction) to some of the most effective techniques you can use to network with impact and with the right mind set. I enjoyed the informal athmosphere and Jason’s facilitation style, and left with some useful action points.” KarenTopp, Founder at Hard to Measure  

“I went along to the briefing, as an old colleague of Jason’s who knows how good he is at insurance. I now see how good he is at making the most of networking opportunities by being focused, sticking to a plan, being really interested in those you meet, etc., etc., and lots of etceteras! As someone else said below, the mix and quality of attendees made one benefit from their experiences helped along by Jason’s perception and humor. My networking will improve as a result!” StefanLubomirski de Vaux (lubo), Owner at distinguished photography

“Jason knows his field and how to engage an audience. Thanks for an informative brief, despite being out there network I picked up several good implementable advice. If you have an organisation which benefit from networking as lead generation should consider Jason’s brief and further training.” FredrikSandvall, Board Member and Practice Engagement Lead  

“Very much liked Jason`s style and the briefing is a good way to evaluate your own networking strategy. Works across industries too. Well worth the time.” SigridBrewka-Steeves, Senior Consultant at INTERSTORE Design  

“Attended briefing in London this month. Came away with : 1. reminder of some things I had heard before but had not used (usual thing, once you get back to office and “stuff” happens before you take action on the learning – my own fault !! ) 2. two methods of using LinkedIn more effectively 3. the five questions approach to networking events – Jason has an engaging presentation style, I enjoyed the day and to top it off some business may result directly with another delegate. Happy days!” DavidShirley, Director at David Shirley Associates Ltd

“I met Jason when he was a guest speaker at a business event held in our local Civic Centre, and afterwards attended one of his events. His advice on networking is superb – very practical and very effective – and he presents it in a very clear and enjoyable way. I recommend him without hesitation as a speaker and advisor on how to network successfully!” Charles & ElizabethThorp, Partner at Utility Warehouse Discount Club

“After networking for a few months I met Jason at a small event in Liverpool Street and was blown away by his one hour talk. He highlighted many seemingly obvious but un-thought of tips. The event attended in March was great value and included more useful advice.” GraemeBatsman, Security Director at EncSec  

“EVERY ONE MUST ATTEND THIS BRIEFING SESSION if you want to make your networking worthwhile. I thought I knew it all about networking and I thought I was very good at it. Within one morning Jason was able to pinpoint some errors that meant I had in fact been wasting my time. After this session networking will be more enjoyable and far more productive. Thank you Jason for your support.” GeorgeTtouli, Principal at Burlington Wealth Management

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