What happens if you don’t feedback?

It’s not unusual for me to find myself at a “networking” event sitting in a “round table” discussion with other business owners. The discussion usually heads towards hurdles that seem to dissolve as we discuss….making way for more hurdles on the horizon.

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Problem solved?

All 8 participants had developed profitable businesses that employ great people, yet one particular hurdle was said to be the speciality of a certain person, known to us all. Stuart dived in and stated that he couldn’t agree that the problem would be solved if it was referred to said individual. His reason?

Not that Poppy had messed up royally. Not even a disputes over the quality of the work or the amount invoiced for it. It was a lot easier to resolve than those reputation killers.

Follow up

Stuart was clear that his person was not to be trusted. Yet all that had been done, or not, was a failure to reply or update her connector. A simple task, probably a 1 line email, a quick text or a voicemail would have kept Stuart in the know. That’s all he wanted, not a fancy lunch or introducer’s commission. Just an update.

We all know that this makes sense and there is no doubt there is someone out there that I have failed to keep informed. Yet I use computers and their like to remind me because that works for me…the vast majority of the time. Stuart reminded me how important it is to keep it simple. Keep in touch with those that recommend you because they already have everything they need to recommend you again.

Earning trust

Poppy has no idea what went on when she wasn’t in the room. Neither can you when you cannot be there. Yet you can control what is said about you. I actually really like Poppy, I think she is vibrant and honest and warm….yet I now need more proof before I can introduce her with confidence.

That proof can be a new recommendation or customer testimonial Poppy shares with her network. Or someone else saying that Poppy went the extra mile for a client. I hope she does.

Top tip: When shared, most experiences reveal that someone has already overcome this hurdle. And knows what not to do next. Some unnecessary hurdles can be negotiated by referring to the right people.

Wrap up: You’ve heard about online reputation management. What about offline reputation management?


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