What is a Networking sleeper?

This article is about people in your network who you haven’t woken up, how you can bring them them to life and what will happen when you do.

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Who are these people?

Delivering regular briefings means we are kept up-to-date with what happens outside our network by people whom we would never have met if it weren’t for social media. A recent delegate came to the conclusion that the majority of her income came from a few people, which is not at all unusual.

Natalie also realised that there were very similarly placed people whom she had a relationship with that would open the floodgates with a little bit of attention. Not the sort of attention that would make them feel sick, attention that would make them feel valued.

What is a Networking sleeper?

Networking sleepers are people that you already know. They like you,they trust you yet they’re not 100% sure about your product or service. This is because they may not have experienced it all and are not close enough to someone who has. We’ve all had the feeling at some point where we decided “if it’s good enough for X it’s good enough for me”.

This is because Mr or Mrs X is someone whose opinion you value highly, you know they make good decisions and are honest in their appraisal of things they have tried or tested.

Dream introductions are made by skeletons

Some of the delegates that attend our briefing are 100% certain that connecting to a particular person will open their floodgates. They don’t realise that these prize contacts are inundated with similar requests. It’s a nightmare trying to talk to people who have heard it all before. It’s much easier when other people are motivated to work on your behalf whilst you rest.

Natalie realised that there were a few people that could open doors for her – she also realised she had to give them the key. There were several types of people that Natalie needed to engage and each of them needed to know something different. So she developed a “skeleton” keys so that when they were at any of the doors she wanted opened they had the the means to open them.

Wrap up: Arming herself with “skeleton” keys meant she could distribute them to her sleepers and allow them to unlock doors in their own special way. She now needs a flood fence system!

Top tip: Make sure you understand how to motivate the different people you need to build your business profitably. Everyone can be motivated yet not in the same way or by the same methods.

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