What’s your story?

Want to make a first impression that starts a ripple?

“Jason was ‘Ronseal’ he did exactly as he said he would and when he would. We worked for an hour on an “elevator pitch” something that takes seconds!!! He explained to me the reasons for highlighting certain parts of my story and the importance of voice inflection. I tried it the very next day and noticed a difference. Now I use it almost daily. I will be using Jason again very soon and I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you want to get value for money from your networking use a professional like Jason.”

John Sweeney – MD, GL-AD Street Cabinet Advertising

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It’s hard to communicate your value to others when time is short or it just doesn’t feel right. If any of the following are concerns for you , this workshop is for you.

  • People failing to understand what you can really do for them
  • Have trouble explaining why they should introduce you
  • Not knowing what to say when with existing customers that do know what you can do
  • Other networkers seeming uninterested in what you offer that is unique
  • Making lots of contacts yet not winning enough new contracts
  • Want to make an Oscar winning first impression – subtly
  • Only receiving inconsistent or occasional introductions
  • Nice thoughts yet, ultimately, unsuccessful introductions to the wrong people
  • Hesitating about asking for introductions to the right people
  • Meeting great people at events that aren’t decision makers
  • Introductions are rare despite ‘being specific’ when networking
  • People having no idea how they can help you build word of mouth
  • Too much competition or not enough of the right people at networking events
  • Having a system for everything else yet no system for profitable introductions
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“One of the things that Jason has done for me has been to show me the value of what I do for others. If you are doing something professionally that comes easily to you, and if, as in my case, you have been doing it for 25 years or more, then it is easy to underestimate the value of what you do. Jason is very persistent. If you haven’t got his messasge the first time he will go on until you have. He is also a thoroughly nice person.”

Cornelius Cavendish – Book Writer, e-Book Writer, Ghostwriter, Coach at BOOK WRITING MADE EASY

“OK at my age I have been to many seminars and courses over the years. I also run the most successful construction and property network in London with 700 members so I have to network and well. So what could I learn on Jason’s courses? Well you are never too old or experienced to learn and I attended two courses where I improved my skills and learnt at least 6 genuinely new networking techniques. An excellent result in my opinion. So were Jason’s courses useful? – absolutely. And it’s fun.”

Brad Bamfield – CEO at Joint Equity Ltd

“I recently attended one of Jason’s seminars on networking, and would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to understand how to be successful in the art of networking. Jason is clearly expert in his field and I enjoyed every minute! Thanks.”
Ross Trigwell – Learning Consultant, Phoenix Training and Development

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